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Wink's Help Web Design - high quality, lower cost web design based in Fort Wayne, IN. Your personalized web page designer and website developer, catering to small and medium sized businesses in the Northeast Indiana area. Call for your free web design inspiration!

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"With great SEO you can compete with the big boys, and be found. With great design, one mindful of your branding while being hard working, your visitors become customers."

-Wink Dixon

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Banner Design
Non-Flash banner catches customer's attention!
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Web Design
Looks Salon
Look's Salon: Designed to look good from any device from the start.

When I do web design freelance, I leave the look and feel of a site to you.
Custom Design & Programming
Case Crafter
HTML5 Canvas
Case Crafter: Interactive Canvas, fully generated inventory from a PDF file ecommerce pages used my programming skills! Click image to see slideshow.
Web Design
Fort Wayne Dog Walker
Fort Wayne Dog Walker: A web site needs to be just as large, or small, as it needs to be. This successful site took an afternoon of collaboration from concept to completion.
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Done to vague specifications, to the client's delight! Need a logo? We can help you with that!

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